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War Crimes

Japanese Edition



The action packed thriller from Spearhead Films.  This project was shot on broadcast quality Digital Video and the first batch of DVDs are due to go out in early 2005.  This film was shot on location in Wales and England and features a multi-national cast from the UK, USA, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Finland and Canada.  Click on the 'Films' section above for more information.


Available in Japan in 2006.


82 Mins

Digital Video

1.85 Format






Set in the near future, Pax Imperium, previously known as ‘The Room’, portrays a futuristic dystopian police state and the rebels that fight against that system.  The story is set in a fictional metropolis and centres around the capture and interrogation of the prime suspect in a high profile murder case. 


100+ Mins

High Definition 1080i/720p

1.85 Format




HD (High Definition) records at a much higher native resolution than SD (Standard Definition).

Technical Information

Spearhead Films shoot exclusively on digital media.  Originally using DV (Digital Video) technology and now using the latest HDV (High Definition Video). 

The films are edited on Apple Mac computers using Final Cut Pro software, along with EffectsDV, Apple Motion and 3D Studio Max.

All work, text, video, music and images Copyright © 2004 Spearhead Films
Last modified: July 22, 2006

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